Sunday, 27 May 2012

"1000 days have passed away !!! "

Since the day we met last..
Since the day we huged..
Since the last day of our college..
& since the day I saw you last..
1000 days have passed away.

I miss you more than words can say..
I think of you every single day..
I love you like my sister and friend..
I’ll always love you till the end..
The more I think, the more I weep,
At least I have memories to keep,
I know we’ll meet again soon enough,
But I can’t wait because this is tough.
Since then,
1000 days have passed away..

Every time I see a pretty flower,
I think of you then my eyes shower,
Every time I take out my photo pile,
I look at you and me and then I smile.
All the memories I hold in my heart,
No need to miss you, we’re not apart.
Still I know that,
1000 days have passed away..

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