Sunday, 27 May 2012

"Summer Evenings"

Remember the cool evenings
Made for a long rides on a bike?
And an outings with the friends..
Just to have fun together..

But the days have changed now..
With the hike in price of petrol,
Brought along a hike in the flow of blood..
The increasing tension and pressure among people's mind,
Made them walk on the streets..
And leave their laziness in their baskets..

Now this vacation inspired me
To go for a long walk with the friends,
To join them in their stupid talks,
And Laugh all together on some silly topics..

What the evening I spent..
With the nature's most lulling magic!
Beneath the moon a feeling came,
Of this great land upon the eve..

Sitting on the bridge of the Sabarmati river,
With the cool air blowing around,
And a smell of the wet soil
Lightens the mind and soul..
Walking around the silent street speaking the sounds of wind
Whispering all again, silently into ur ears..

These lovely days........
These moments of joy...
The company of friends and family....
Will surely miss them in my life.... 

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