Sunday, 27 May 2012


You used to be my best friend
We talked everyday
You were the sweetest girl I knew
You always heard what i had to say.

You were always there for me
You'd listen when i'd cry
You'd do your best to make me happy
Your hardest you would try.

And then our friendship grew to more
You were the girl for me
You made me feel like no one else could
But they said our love was not meant to be.

You were a true friend and best sis for me
You tied Rakhi on my wrist
You cared as no1 can ever care for me
Our relation was the best bond for me.

We were taken from each other
Our love was torn apart
And though I couldn't see you
I kept you in my heart.

But that was only me
You let me slip away
And I don't think and realize
Our love was just a fake.

And now if you are reading this
I hope you know inside
That when you said you loved me
You realize that you lied.

On Rakhi when I realize
An empty wrist and a fake smile
I hope the day comes soon
When love fills the heart with joy.

So don't tell me that you're sorry
Those words I cannot here
I know the truth that you have hidden
You really did not care.

Now that I have said these words
I hope you think because
Now you know how you hurt me
And how our love it never was...!

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